About the Business

From a young age I learned that chocolate chips can make the world a better place.
They always bring a smile to my face.

My dream is to share my delicious baked goodies with you.
I promise you will not be able to eat just a few.

Each baked good is made with love and smiles.
This is not something you will find in the store aisles.

These Konfections will brighten your day.
Email me and I will send them your way.

I have spent many hours perfecting the tastiest of treats.
Sampling these items was not an easy feat.

Kayla's Konfections:

Below are a few of my favorite delights, we think they are out of sight. These goodies are even more than delicious. They needed a whole new word, Yummilicious!

I'm Kraving Konfections: Email me what you are kraving at kayla@kaylaskonfections.com. I will begin baking for you right away!